Filipino Native Delicacies (Kakanin Making)

//Filipino Native Delicacies (Kakanin Making)

When: October 15, 2021 (Friday) 10 am – 5 pm

Where: Golden Treasure Skills Training Center, Anonas Road, Project 3, Quezon City

Kakanin (native delicacies) are popular Filipino snacks and desserts that usually contain chocolate, coconut, rice, cassava, flour, sugar, or ube. They are best paired with coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate!

During the seminar, participants will have a hands-on experience in making a wide variety of Filipino native delicacies and desserts including kutsinta, black kutsinta, puto, puto pao, puto flan, cheese puto, puto binang, pichi pichi, cassava cake, puto bumbong, bibingka, suman sa lihiya, palitaw, palitaw with filling, suman cassava, sapin sapin, buchi.

Sourcing of materials and costing will also be discussed during the seminar.

Seminar fee inclusions:
– Certificate
– Handout
– Materials/ingredients
– Lunch and PM snacks
Limited to 7 participants only
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For more information or reservations, please call:
Telephone nos. 7587-47-46
Mobile nos. 09472888719 / 09952738518
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