Japanese food has a great variety of healthy dishes and regional specialties while the other Asian cuisine are known for its distinctive flavors and signature cooking techniques.

Discover and learn the true taste of Japanese cuisine and popular Asian dishes wether if it’s to treat yourself or if you would wanted to venture into the food business.

The Golden Treasure Skills and Development Program will conduct a one-day seminar on how to prepare Japanese cuisine and some Asian dishes from Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, to Arabic dish.

There will be an actual demonstration and hands-on experience where in participants will be taught how to prepare among of the most popular hot and cold kitchen japanese dishes such salmon and tuna sashimi, california maki, hawaian maki, kusiage fried shrimp, meat and vegetable tempura, tonkatsu, gyuudon rice topping, dashi, yakitori, yakisuki, and and also different types of sauces will also be taught such as tempura sauce, yakitori sauce, salad sauce, sakana sauce and many more.

As bonus course some of the most popular asian dishes will also be taught such as satay sauce (barbecue), asian salad, somon baligi koftesi ( stir fried) chopped arabic salad, bindi ki subji (stir friend okra), coconut chili fried fish (maldives), mas huni (tuna with coconut milk) and many more.

Sourcing of materials and costing will also be discussed.

Lunch and snacks will be provided including handouts, certificate of training and raw materials to be used in the actual demo and hands-on are also included.

For more information or for reservations, please call 434-15-77; 913-65-51; 421-15-77; 436-78-26

Mobile no. 0927-641-4006 and 0949-930-84-87.

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